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Below is a list of the types of segments featured in Preschool Power!. We've broken them into 12 general categories with a video sample included for each. Enjoy!

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Parents with close-age sibs say the "Help Someone Smaller" song is a life-saver re rivalry issues...



Preschool Power! covers all the hygeine basics, too. Here Kelly shows good nose-blowing technique. Handy!



Little ones love to help around the house, and it's a great way to improve motor skills and confidence...

Dressing Skills

Dressing skills

Kids as young as two learn the "Jacket Flip" fast using this segment. For slightly older kids: buttoning, tying, and more! ,,,

Science Fun

science Fun

Preschool Power! is chock-full of fun science "tricks" that are easy to set up at home and great for early exploration.,,


Make Believe

There;s lots of make-believe fun in Preschool Power!. Here "Pirate" Blake gives a lesson in buckling...

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts

Kids demo art projects galore in our videos. From Zen gardens to to flower arranging...

For Parents

For parents

Preschool Power! is a super resource for you! This segment shows how to make bubble mix...

Montessori Games

These by-the-book Montessori demos improve coordination and fine motor skills. Easy to set up at home!



Lots of cooking and recipes in our shows. Here Will makes a cheese and crackers snack.. .

Exercise & Fun


The fun never stops! Jokes, tongue twisters, dancing, and more. Here's the "Jump Dance" exercise break...

Gross Motor Skills

Here's a sample of our gross motor skills demonstrations. Caitlin demos the forward roll...

Reviews and awards

Parents Talk

We love Prechool Power! We have a 5 , a 4-year-old and one only 20 months and they all love it! The little one has already learned to put on her own coat!"
-- Alice Pautz, Harrisburg, PA

My daughter's three and our-year-old boys went wild about the first Preschool Power set they got so I gave them all the rest! Where could you find a more perfect gift for a grandchild? It's fun while learning!"
-- Violet Houldin, Oceanside, CA

My kid loves the Preschool Power vids and he's learned so much rom them! He' been watching them for over two years and still takes the boxes to bed with him!"
-- Deborah A. Bourne, Jackson, NJ

Each year we have parents comment about how their children talk about the Preschool Power! Videos and how many new things they believe they can do. I guess in closing, I would say we love Preschool Power! And would recommend it to any preschool program or parents of a preschooler for their home."
-- Barbara S. Corriher, Director Mt. Zion UCC Preschool, China Grove, NC

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