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A Joyful and Empowering Video Series Autistic Kids Love!

The Magic is in the Children!

There are no adults in Preschool Power! Videos. It's all about our cast of young children ages 2-7 entertaining, teaching by demonstration and example. And always sending your child the message "You can Do it, too!!"

The series wasn't specificially designed for autistic kids. But teachers and parents say the programs are extremely enjoyable for them And they work wonders! Autistic children from pre-k to well up into grammar school really get involved with our happy and capable little teachers! Next stop - starting to imitate the activities and behaviors demonstrated.

Experts in the Field of Child Autism Discuss Preschool Power!

Dr. Bryana Siegal, Dir, Children's Center Autism Clinic, University of California, San Franciso, author of several critically-acclaimed books on the subject of autistic children:

Preschool Power! is a great tool for developing social imitation skills for children with autistic spectrum disorders.

The series emphasizes development of practical, everyday self-help skills which we sometimes forget is more rewarding and interesting o young children with disabilities than more difficult and abstract pre-academic tasks.

Music, fast cuts, and the right amount of repetition is great for the
pre-verbal child
who is showing a more visual than verbal style of imitation processing.

Sarah Gewanter Sara Gewanter, MSW, LCSW, Certified Berard Auditory Integration Training Practioner, The Counseling Center, Stamford, CT & Asheville, NC.

We have found them to be very helpful not only with pre-schoolers (who seem to love to watch them for hours!) but also the population of special needs children that we work with. We have recommended them to parents, teachers and other social workers. In fact the way we learned about them was through a parent we were working with.

We work with all ages and many different populations but I have found these programs to be especially helpful with the PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) or autistic spectrum children well into grammar school age.

4 big reasons why Preschool Power really works

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Parents Talk

My child is autistic and these programs are a God send! I cannot provide the experience for him of doing things over and over I'm supposed to do. So he has learned them from Preschool Power!.. Gayle Maryes, Bayside, NY

I cannot begin to tell you how much my autistic child has learned from your programs...
Shawn Lathrop, Spring Valley, IL

You know autistic children like to watch people, and he’s beginning to imitate some of the things on the programs. He laughs a lot at the kids. It’s a joy to me and to him!.. Gina Hookey, Princeton, NJ

My daughter is 2 1/2 and was recently diagnosed with autism. She enjoys imitating the childen and the programs have taught Kate without being too difficult in content or speech. I don't feel guilty about putting on a video which has so much to offer...
Kate and Mary McCue, Newton Square, PA

I hope each child who sees these special programs will smile as my precious little ones do!
Bonnie Vanerpol, Klamath Falls, OR

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