Pre-Science Activities

Magician K'idar, 4, performs the "Disappearing Coin Trick"

There are a ton of fun science experiments demonstrated by our little teachers in the Preschool Power! DVD series. They are fun for adults as well as children and we think you will enjoy setting some of these up and playing around with them at home with your child.

None require any fancy equipment. All will get your child wondering and thinking. All performed for your child by very young children with adults nowhere to be seen.

Exciting activities that make children wonder!

Each Preschool Power! program features several hands on science experiments that are fun to watch--and easy and inexpensive to try at home.

Kidar, 4, performs an "eggsperiment" called The Egg Stands Alone Will, age 3, performs the "Sink or float" experiment Erica, 4, teaches color shading ("blue, bluer, bluest of all") Katja, age 4, demonstrates principles of air

Some of the pre-science activities your child can enjoy and learn from:

  • Sink or float experiment (pictured above)
  • Domino 'chain reaction' - one easy enough for a 2 year old and others more appropriate for a 4, 5 or 6
  • Basics of color - including making secondary colors from primary using colored water, and 3 songs about the concepts of color shading.
  • Properties of air - Katja, 3, talks to your child as she shows him some of the interesting things air can do -- move things, make noises, create bubbles under water, etc.
  • Static electricity experiments
  • Magic coin trick
  • "The egg stands alone" and the "uncrushable egg tricks
  • the oil and water experiment
  • Volcano in a bottle
  • And more