Critics and Experts Love Preschool Power!

In our experience, it's nearly unprecedented for a children's video series to receive the number of prestigious awards and glowing reviews that Preschool Power! has won. The series has taken first place in virtually every children's video prize category including Parent's Choice, Parents Magazine and the Coalition for Quality Children's Programming.

National media writers like the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, Billboard and many more rave about the high production values. And the early childhood education and library publications praise it for its effectiveness.

Awards we've won

Parents Magazine "Very Best for the Very Young Award“

"With an emphasis on self-reliance and imagination, the videos gently remind its young viewers of how much they can accomplish.  What’s more the activities are ones that any child can do.”

Coalition for quality children' video Coalition for Quality Children's Video

"Kids absolutely love this series..They immediately imitate the behaviors they see...Kids First has put the programs in waiting rooms of health clinics where the staff and clients equally enjoy them."

New YOrk International Film Festival

New York International Film and Video Festival

Two first place gold medals from this prestigious international competition in the categories of "Best New Children's Video"

Parent's Choice

Parent's Choice

Preschool Power! wins repeated gold medals from this non-profit children's media watch-dog. Judges commented: Challenging and supportive fun...expertly produced...unbelievable!"

Children's media experts

Paren ting magazine

Parenting Magazine

"One of the best children's videos of the year...teaches new ways to play... do-it-yourself lessons all demonstrated by a fun group of racially diverse boys and girls."

National Assoc, Education Young Children

National Association for the Education of Young Children

"Opens viewer's eyes to the often unrecognized competencies of young children...Terrific for parent education, too."

TV Guide

TV Guide's Special Children's Guide

"An excellent series that uses see-do Montessori methods and lots of bouncy original music."

Parent & Child magazine

Parent & Child Magazine

"One of the best new series....designed to empower preschoolers."


LA Times

Los Angeles Times

"Practical, child empowering information."

USA Today

USA Today Weekend

"Simply the best preschool programs that teaches basic skills."

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune

"These music and fun packed programs will amuse tots for hours on end and will leave them with the lasting gifts of pride and self-reliance."

Washington Post

The Washington Post

"Makes learning so much fun...develops self-confidence in children 2-6. Fellow students are deft teachers for preschoolers...a myriad of practical skills just waiting to be conquered by a class full of little tykes."



"High production values and great original much fun to watch as it is educational ... uniformly excellent series."

Schools and libraries

School Library Journal

School Library Journal

"Real preschool stars, not child actors....designed to build confidence, self-esteem and independence in young children...excellent original songs...entertaining, yet educational."

Video Librarian

Video Librarian

"Outstanding...superb production excellent confidence builder in young chldren, the series constantly encourages chldren to use their hands, minds and hearts...head and shoulders above most similar fare...4 STARS."


Booklist - The Magazine of the American Library Association

"Fantastic scripting. A sure winner... empowering kids with new skills, growing self-reliance and greater confidence...filled with a host of instructive and engaging things for kids to try on their own."

American School Health Assoc.

American School Health Assn's Council on Early Childhood Education

"An excellent moving, bright...great video and audio."

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Parents Talk

I am so impressed with these Preschool Power videos that I have actually used them as training for my Family Home Care Providers. These videos do not 'talk down' to children, and they encourage confidence and self-reliance. Especially popular seem to be the kitchen activities. I, myself, sometimes am astounded that such young children can accomplish so much! I encourage you to keep producing these programs they are a real hit with both adults and children, and in the face of a major void in children's programming they are a welcome sight!"
--Lisa A. Fullerton, Fleet Post Office

We love Prechool Power! We have a 5 , a 4-year-old and one only 20 months and they all love it! The little one has already learned to put on her own coat!"
-- Alice Pautz, Harrisburg, PA

I teach a preschool class, and use the Preschoolpower! Programs all the time. The children relate to them and just love them...
-- Saundra Edmond, Burgettstown, PA

I borrowed a copy of Preschool Power! From my neighbor, and my nearly-3-year-old really latched on to it. It's amazing: that's all she wants to watch, and all the time! She really loves those little children. And I discovered that she learned to put on her jacket all by herself!"
---- Linda Rainone, Londenderry, NH

When my 15-month-old woke up cranky from her nap one day I turned on the TV and there wasPreschool Power! She just quieted right down and watched-fascinated by all those wonderful little kids. Now we prefer to use Preschool Power to TV. We limit the amount of TV our children watch and consider these videos valuable."
--Debobrah A. Bailey, Bothell, WA

My kid loves the Preschool Power vids and he's learned so much rom them! He' been watching them for over two years and still takes the boxes to bed with him!"
--Deborah A. Bourne, Jackson, NJ

It's a wonderful series! My 3-year-old likes to watch all of them in a row now and has, in my opinion gained so much self-confidence he's convinced he can do anything."
-- Haydee Wagner, NY

My daughter was only 18 months when I ordered our first copy of Preschool Power! She loved it so much we kept getting more of them for her 'til we had the whole set. They're so different from anything else out there. They're absolutely unique! She's three now, and she still lovesPreschool Power!"
--Dory Arbel, New York, NY

I'll bet they've seen it 500 times. My kids are 2 and 6 and they both love it!"
--Dorothy Payne, Falls Church, VA

My 2 year old grandson doesn't like cartoons, but he just loves the Preschool Power! Shows I sent him. Please send him the other four"
--Dorothy L. Otten, Los Angeles, CA

My two-year old daughters used to cry when the kids on the first Preschool Power video waved goodbye, they loved them so. We ordered three more a couple of months ago, and now we'd like to order the rest of the series."
-- Sherri Jones, Bellville, TX