A Great Parenting Resource for You!

Zachary, 4, shows how to make home-made bubble mix and shows tons of home objects that can be used to make bubbles

Many reviewers and educators have commented that Preschool Power! is a great, convenient resource for parents to have around the house. In fact, Young Children, the magazine of the National Association of Early Childhood Education calls Preschool Power! "super" for parent education.

Caitlin, 5, creates home for a fish K'idar, 4, demos a chain reaction with dominoes

Yes, these programs entertain and teach your child. But they'll give you, the parent, tons of ideas for fun home activities and show you exactly how to set them up.

Some skills require adult help - such as putting the muffins into the oven and taking them out (not to mention buying the ingredients and laying out the cooking materials you need to create an environment for your chld to practice anything he wishes at home). You may be surprised to find that your two prefers that pouring or spooning work you set up for her to most of her Christmas toys.

Some of the additional activities you'll see in Preschool Power!

  • Musical bottles
  • Domino chain reactions
  • Home-made musical instruments and how to make them
  • Bubble making basics, including a dandy home made bubble recipe and ideas for unusual bubble-makers.
  • Create a terrarium
  • Create an aquarium
  • Create a Waldorf 'harvest table'
  • And more