Make-believe activities

Most of the things your child will see in Preschool Power! were shot in and around the actual homes of our little teachers. But we couldn't resist throwing in some fantasy 'numbers' just to keep things colorful and fun.

And, naturally, they also contain a lot of close up demonstrations for your child to absorb.

Zachary prepares the table for a voisit from Mr. Bear Contruction worker Ariel shows how to buckle overalls and more Cowboy Jimmy coils rope, a great fine motor exercise

Make-believe fun you'll find in Preschool Power!

  • "The King comes to tea" - learn how to set a table
  • "Fairies in the Garden" - make and pour lemonade
  • "Mister Bear visits the restaurant" - make furniture polish, polish and set a small table
  • "The Pirate Buckler" - Blake as a pirate swashbuckling away.
  • Ariel the construction worker getting ready to head out to the job site after she loads her lunch pail and gets her overalls, turtleneck and shoes on
  • Jimmy getting dressed for a day on the lone prairie, putting on his socks and boots, turning his shirt sleeves right side out and then buttoning it, cinching his hat. There's even a detailed demo of how to coil up a piece of rope.
  • Erica is "Doctor Girl" - how to squeeze out a sponge, pour, even put on a band aid!
  • And lots more -- including magicians that show 'magic' science tricks, an Easter bunny who does 'eggsperiments' and a Gypsy girl with a few tricks up her sleeve as well.