Preschool Power Really Works! Here's 4 Big Reasons Why...

Children Lead the Way

Every activity and demonstration in Preschool Power! is taught by a child aged 2-7. Adults only appear on camera if there's a safety issue.

This is an extremely 'empowering' concept for young children.  Because is makes them think: “That child is about my age and he can do it! I'll bet I can, too!”

It's So Much Fun!

If you're a parent or teacher, we don't have to tell you  how much kids love watching other children! Tremendous, 'empowering' enjoyment for kids watching at home.

To add to the fun there are lots of exercise breaks, silly jokes, tongue-twisters, slapstick fun.And there's also a non-stop music track with 10 or more original songs in every program.

There's Plenty of Detail

Our team of Montessori advisors broke down every skill-building demo into small, individual parts.  Then they trained our little teachers how to demonstrate each skill in clear, step-by-step detail.

This approach makes each activity crystal clear—and a cinch for you to set up at home with material sfrom around the house.

Production Values are Tops

Parents and teachers love the series, yes. But so do national critics and children's media specialists.

Check out our Reviews and Awards page and you'll see what we mean!).

Critics praise the series for top-notch editing and camera work, the charming and natural cost of little teachers and the great music track.

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Parents Talk

You have certainly shown our family a new meaning to “quality programming.” The first time our girls saw your programs, they were hooked.  The simplest tasks were easily shown to them and they learned that they could do it.” 
--Scott, Angie, Jennifer and Stephanie Jamie

Our children love them and want to watch them over and over. These programs are just what children really like!Thank you Concept Videos for making these shows for our children and all the children.You've got a Real winner!What a great way for them to learn.
--Kim Wellborn, Cambridge MA

These are super learning-thru-fun-shows which not only captivate my daughter, but help enhance her 'I can do it' attitude!
--Gina Mazzola, Aiken SC

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