"It's my house, too!"

Jeremey, 2 1/2, shows how to fold laundry

We all know how much our little ones like to help around the house. But sometimes it just seems like more trouble than it's worth having them along for the ride.

After your child has been watching Preschool Power! videos for awhile, however, she'll know the 'right' way to do some age-appropriate tasks thanks to these Montessori-designed lessons..

Believe it or not, children seem to especially enjoy housework. And this type of activity offers some particularly good opportunities for building self-confidence and self-esteem, not to mention fine motor skills and concentration!

Provided he's given real tools (not toys) and is taught how to do a job properly from start to finish, your child truly can learn to do things that contribute a little something to the whole family. And that would make anybody feel proud of themselves!

Each of our programs offers at least one in-depth demonstration showing children how to really do a job right--not just pretend to. Let your child watch Preschool Power! for awhile. Then give him the tools--not play tools but real ones that actually work. And watch your little Worker Bee buzz along beside you. A joyful experience for all concerned. Trust us on this!

Ariel, 3, demos peeling and cutting a banana Jeremey, 2 1/2, helps fold the laundry Katja, 3, creates a flower arrangement Zachary, 3, washes dishes

Housework demonstrations found in Preschool Power!

  • Cleaning up a wet spill - specific Montessori lesson
  • Cleaning up spilled popcorn --specific Montessori lesson
  • Folding sweatshirts and tee shirts
  • Washing dishes
  • Setting the table
  • Arranging flowers (5 techniques simple enough for little ones)
  • Folding hand towells
  • Polishing a wood table (including making the polish!)
  • Rraking leaves - how to hold the rake, how to make a straight line, etc.
  • Husking corn - up-close and step-by-step
  • And much more!