Gross Motor Skills

Caitlin, 5, demonstrates 3 levels of the forward roll.

There are a whole lot of easey-peasey 'dance' songs and other movement activities that will have your little one up on his feet and moving with his television friends.

In addition, our little teachers demonstrate several specific skills and activities that are within the capabilities of many children from about 4 years on up--once they're shown how to do them properly .

Caitlin, 5, shows how to learn a head stand, using a tree Katja, 4, demos how to pump a swing Slow-motion demo of the forward roll

Gross motor skills include:

  • Pumping a swing
  • Forward roll
  • Jumping jacks
  • Skipping
  • Headstand (using a tree or wall for support)
  • Yoga (the tree and the cobra)