Exercise fun for little kids

The 'Jump Song' is an example of exercise breaks built-in to each episode of Prechool Power!

We don't want you to get the idea Preschool Power! progrms are just a series of dry lessons your child has to sit through and will only watch if you make him.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We've bent over backwards and then some to make these programs extremely entertaining. 8-10 original songs are featured in each of the 8 programs in the series, for example.

And we've also included lots of exercise breaks where your child is encouraged to get up and release some of that physical tension little ones get from sitting too long.

And there are all sorts of jokes and activities that we just stuck in for laughs.

Blake, 4, shows how to make some fun hand shadows K'idar contributes his best creation to the song "Rubber Face" Jelani, 3, is "Doin' the Twist"

Some of the fun activities your child will love:

  • Tension-releasing exercise breaks
  • How to make a fist puppet
  • How to make shadow puppetson the wall
  • Tongue twisters - lots of 'em.
  • Funny faces
  • Funny sounds, Scary sounds
  • Fun with scarves
  • Improvisation fun -- be bacon frying, put on a sweater that's too tight, be a snowman melting, and more!