Dressing Skills

Preschool Power! features many dressing skill demonstrations - buckling, zipping, buttoning, and much more. The jacket flip is a technique parents tell us even their two can master after watching for a while.

A cast of small children will show your little one exactly how to do every skill listed below. No adults appear in these sequences and if any verbal instruction is given, it is in the voice of the little teacher. Many segments have cute songs attached to them as well.

All 'lessons' were taught to our child-teachers by certified Montessori professionals who will now show your child how.

How to turn a sleeve right-side out Close up lessons on how to zip a zipper ! Buttoning - You can do it! The easy way to put on gloves

Dressing skills include:

  • putting on a coat or jacket
  • buckling shoes and belts
  • buckling overalls
  • zipping
  • buttoning
  • putting on socks
  • putting on shoes and boots
  • putting on a shirt and turning the sleeves right side out
  • shoe tying (with a Montessori tying frame)
  • putting on glovesputting on turtlenecks