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Parents Love Preschool Power! Check it out!

Brings out the best in young children

My daughter is 3 ½ and we have all the Preschool Power! Videos.  They are by far the most stimulating, educational and enjoyable videos for preschoolers we have found.  We have noticed our daughter has been motivated creatively – she loves to try her own version of many of the activities on the videos – i.e., playing with flowing scarves, mixing different colors with food coloring and water, art projects with coffee filters and paint, making stars and snowflakes using the fold + cut technique on the video, making fruit salad.  My husband even got all the ingredients for French bread listed on the video (at my daughter’s request!) – and they have baked from scratch several times! In this day and age it is difficult to find the rare “gems” among all the “junk” (frankly) out there.  Preschool Power is a rare find.  It is fun, entertaining, stimulating, and brings out the best in young children.-- John & Mary Douglas, Edmonds, WA

It is always their first choice

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to tell you of the joy Preschool Power has given my 7 grand children – all under 9 years.  It is always their first choice.  The tunes are catchy.  I hear them singing the songs and watch with great interest over and over – I only ordered one to start but quickly ordered the full set.  I have called several times to see if there are new ones available but so far only 8 are rerun over and over.  I hope each child who sees these special programs will smile as my precious little ones do!--Bonnie Vanderpol, Klamath Falls, OR

THE hands down favorite!

I wanted to let you know you have 5 die-hard fans at home ranging in age from 1-6 years.  Two of them are my children and the three others are my sisters'.  We discovered your shows in the library when my son was only 2.  Lo and behold, Preschool Power became a buzzword around our houseMy son, Ryne, loved it, found it absolutely entertaining, and when he started to talk, couldn’t stop talking about them.  We were constant visitors to the library only because we couldn’t find your tapes in stores.  My web-surfing sister found you and has already ordered the shows much to the children’s delight. Ryne is 6 now and his sister, Rachel, is 5.  Disney programs come and go, and so do all the others; but Preschool Power is THE hands down favorite. Ryne pretends he’s Kidar, and every now and then I’ll hear Rachel singing “hair, hair, beautiful hair".--Maria Tesoro, Dell Online Sales & Leasing

I feel really great about PreSchool Power

I have been so happy with the Preschool Power videos.  I found them first through our library and then bought four of them.  I loaned them to a little girl and her mother called and said “I’ll have to buy you new ones, she won’t give them back!” So then we bought all 8 of them.  Both of my girls learned the jacket flip from your excellent video.  They are so proud.  Chandra got interested in buckles from watching Blake.  And sometimes when her hands are clean, she holds them up and we say “—blinded by the shine. (just like Blake.) Charis learned to cook from watching Preschool Power.  She started with bread, muffins and fruit salads. These are things she saw on the video.  Then she got interested in cooking other things – soups and cakes and salads.  Thanks for the excellent start." --Callie Wilson, RN, Olympia, WA

Surely some of the best quality children’s videos around

This is a letter of praise for your Preschool Power Videos  Our family came across them at our local library about two years ago and we have enjoyed them so much that we wanted to own our own.  They are surely some of the best quality children’s videos around.  Our children love them and want to watch them over and over.  These programs are just what children really like! Thank you Concept Videos for making these shows for our children and all the children.  You’ve got a Real winner!  What a great way for them to learn.”--Kim Welborn, Cambridge MA

New meaning to “quality programming"

You have certainly shown our family a new meaning to “quality programming.” The first time our girls saw your programs, they were hooked.  The simplest tasks were easily shown to them and they learned that they could do it.  You really went out of your way to see that they received the shows they dearly love.  Thank you for all you did for us.  You have six (grandparents included) very satisfied customers.  The series of Preschool Power are tops at our house and we would be glad to share this with others.”--Scott, Angie, Jennifer and Stephanie Jamie

I was so impressed

I first became familiar with the Preschool Power! Videos through my sister and our local library.  I was so impressed that I soon looked into ordering the videos for the preschool where I am a teacher and the director.  Truly, that was money well spent.  Each year the children enjoy watching the Preschool Power! Videos. Each year at our preschool we have a week totally devloted to the children and their self-esteem called “I am Special Week”.  During this week we show a Preschool Power! Program each day as part of our lesson plans.  The children love to see the many new things they can each learn to do and the things we are capable of doing already.  Our preschool also uses the videos through the year at other times.

Each year we have parents comment about how their children talk about the Preschool Power! Videos and how many new things they believe they can do.  I guess in closing, I would say we love Preschool Power! And would recommend it to any preschool program or parents of a preschooler for their home.”--Barbara S. Corriher, Director/teacher at Mt. Zion UCC Preschool, China Grove, NC

My daughter will not let me return them.

Thanks for your letter and the copy of Preschool Power!  You’re right, Gwyneth loved them and now asks for “peeschool power, peeschool power.”  Her insistence is only slightly less annoying than her Barney addiction, but neither one appears to be too dangerous and does seem to be learning from them.  She especially delights in pouring things from one container to another.  Since employees of The Post are not allowed to accept anything from anyone, I’ve enclosed a check to cover the cost of the programs, which my daughter will not let me return.”--John F. Kelly, Washington Post Staff Writer

Has restored my faith in people and in business

After my conversation with your 800 line, I put the defective video on a shelf with intentions of mailing it when we returned from vacation.  I suppose it didn’t seem to important to me at the time.  Today’s mail delivery has shown me that I am much more important to you and your company.  An envelope containing a brochure, a check for postage AND a new video has restored my faith in people and in business.  What impressed me most was the speed and professionalism with which you handled my complaint.  Thank you so much for that.

The new video is flawless.  My three year old son will be so happy to be able to watch it again.  (He had just asked about it last night and had to settle for a Barney video).  I will certainly be purchasing other videos from your company and will tell all my friends with preschoolers of your wonderful business ethics, as well as the quality of the content in Preschool Power!”--Alicia Rentz, Lomita CA

"Have recommended them to parents, teachers, and other social workers"

I am pleased to be able to recommend wholeheartedly the wonderful series of Preschool Power We have found them to be very helpful not only with pre-schoolers (who seem to love to watch them for hours!) but also the population of special needs children that we work with.  We have recommended them to parents, teachers and other social workers.  In fact the way we learned about them was through a parent we were working with.  We work with all ages and many different populations but I have found these programs to be especially helpful with the PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) or autistic spectrum children well into grammar school age.  Often these children may be very intelligent in certain areas but delayed in others especially social skills.  They become easily overwhelmed by other children.  Therefore being able to gain skills through the videos provides a non-threatening method of learning  They are also often hypersensitive to sound and so learn more easily through visual stimuli. We sometimes use these videos in conjunction with our Auditory Integration Training treatment program with very good results.”--Sarah Gewanter, MSW, LCSW , Director, The Counselling Center, Westport CT

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Super learning-thru-fun programs

I can’t say enough about Preschool Power!  I’ve managed to find four of the tapes in three different places. Can you send me the other four?  My 3-year-old is just wild about them. These are super learning-thru-fun-shows which not only captivate my daughter, but help enhance her ‘I can do it’ attitude!”--Gina Mazzola, Aiken, SC

A real hit with both adults and children

I am so impressed with these Preschool Power videos that I have actually used them as training for my Family Home Care Providers. These videos do not ‘talk down’ to children, and they encourage confidence and self-reliance. Especially popular seem to be the kitchen activities. I, myself, sometimes am astounded that such  young children can accomplish so much! I encourage  you to keep producing these programs – they are a real hit with both adults and children, and in the face of a major void in children’s programming they are a welcome sight!" -- Lisa A. Fullerton, Fleet Post Office

Already learned to put on her coat!

We love Prechool Power!  We have a 5 ½, a 4-year-old and one only 20 months and they all love it!  The little one has already learned to put on her own coat!”--Alice Pautz, Harrisburg, PA

Perfect gift for a grandchild

My daughter’s three and four-year-old boys went wild about the first Preschool Power set they got so I gave them all the rest!  Where could you find a more perfect gift for a grandchild?  It’s fun while learning!” -- Violet Houldin, Oceanside, CA

Empowers children with wonder and confidence

My son Gordon Greenley watched the first four Preschool Powers for a whole  year. And since I ordered the other videos over a year ago when he was three, he’s been watching all eight and still loves them.  They’re so good, and he’s learned so much from them.  Preschool Power! Empowers children with wonder and confidence!”--Sharon  Friedman,  West Bloomfield, MI

The children relate to them and just love them

I teach a preschool class, and use the Preschoolpower! Programs all the time.  The children relate to them, and just love them!”--Saundra Edmond, Burgettstown, PA

That’s all she wants to watch, and all the time!

I borrowed a copy of Preschool Power! From my neighbor, and my nearly-3-year-old really latched on to it.  It’s amazing: that’s all she wants to watch, and all the time!  She really loves those little children.  And I discovered that she learned to put on her jacket – all by herself!”--Linda Rainone, Londenderry, NH

They ALL loved them!

My class of preschoolers is a mix of children, some with special needs.  They ALL loved the first Preschool Power programs.  And so did I!  I would like to order the other sets!”--Barbara Marmora, Valois, NY

I’m a Preschool Power kid!

I’m coming back for more Preschool Power! We got the starter set for a birthday gift and my kids are just enthralled by them.  They like to watch kids do grown-up things! And every time they master a new skill now, they say “I’m a Preschool Power kid!”--Karen L. Berlin, Herndon, VA

A God-send!

My child is autistic and this show is a God-send!  I cannot provide the experience for him of doing things over and over again like I’m supposed to do.  So he has learned them from Preschool Power!”--Gail Maryes, Bayside, NY

She quieted right down and watched fascinated

When my 15-month-old woke up cranky from her nap one day I turned on the TV and there was Preschool Power! She just quieted right down and watched-fascinated by all those wonderful little kids.  Now we prefer to use Preschool Power to TV. We limit the amount of TV our children watch and consider these videos valuable.”--Debobrah A. Bailey, Bothell, WA

Takes the boxes to bed with him

My kid loves the Preschool Power vids and he’s learned so much rom them!  He’ been watching them for over two  years and still takes the boxes to bed with him!”--Deborah A. Bourne, Jackson, NJ

We really hit the jackpot!

With this series we really hit the jackpot!  It is something the kids adored because it was all peers, and they learn more from their peers than from anyone else.”--Sandra Simek, Preschool Teacher, Rockville, MD

He’s convinced he can do anything

It’s a wonderful series!  My 3-year-old likes to watch all of them in a row now and has, in my opinion gained so much self-confidence he’s convinced he can do anything.”--Haydee Wagner, NY

I don’t feel guilty putting on a video which has so much to offer

My daughter Kate is 2 ½ and was recently diagnosed with autism.  She enjoys imitating the children and all the programs have taught Kate without being too difficult in content and speech.  I don’t feel guilty putting on a video which has so much to offer.”--Kate and Mary McCue, Newton Square, PA

They’re absolutely unique!

My daughter was only 18 months when I ordered our first copy of Preschool Power! She loved it so much we kept getting more of them for her ‘til we had the whole set.  They’re so different from anything else out there.  They’re absolutely unique!  She’s three now, and she still loves Preschool Power!--Dory Arbel, New York, NY

They learn a great deal

We are teachers of the hearing-imparied and now have monetary means to purchase educational materials for teaching purposes.  Our hearing-impaired preschoolers learn a great deal from the Preschool Power! Videos and we would like to order a complete set.”--Sue McCombs, Teacher Utah School for the Deaf

My two-year-old is wildly enthusiastic about them

I bought the first Preschool Power! In Texas, and the second in Florida, but I can’t find any in Massachusetts.  My two-year old is wildly enthusiastic about them and has learned to do so many things.  No matter how bad a mood she’s in, I put on a Preschool Power! And she calms down immediately.  Please send me the other programs.”--Amy J. Fisher, Haverhill, MA

I’m ecstatic about them

Saw the first five or your programs at the local library and I’m ecstatic about them.  Please send me all 8.--”Ron Sirard, Head, TeeterTime Day Care, Gainesville, GA (192 children)

I cannot begin to tell you

I cannot begin to tell  you how much my autistic child has learned from your programs!”--Sharon Lathrop, Spring Valley, IL

I think this is my fourth order!

I think this is my fourth order!  Preschool Powers are the only videos my four-year-old likes, and she’s been watching them since she was two!  Please send #8.”--Pam Wolfson, Arlington  VA

My two-year-old daughters used to cry

My two-year old daughters used to cry when the kids on the first Preschool Power video waved goodbye, they loved them so.  We ordered three more a couple of months ago, and now we’d like to order the rest of the series.”--Sherri Jones, Bellville, TX

I teach a special needs class

I teach a special needs class and a teacher friend of mine told me how good these Preschool Power videos are!  I would like to order a complete set.”--Evan Lipman, NY, NY

Stand out from all the garbage out there!

We have the first set so please send me the rest.  They just stand out from all the garbage out there!”--Ava Kotch, Fort Lauderdale, FL

It’s a joy to me and him

You know they (autistic children) like to watch people and he’s beginning to imitate some of the things on the programs.  He laughs a lot at the kids.  It’s a joy to me and to him!”--Gina Hookey, Princeton, NJ

500 times

I’ll bet they’ve seen it 500 times.  My kids are 2 and 6 and they both love it!”--Dorothy Payne, Falls Church, VA

Doesn't like cartoons, but…

My 2 ½ year old grandson doesn’t like cartoons, but he just loves the Preschool Power! Shows I sent him.  Please send him the other four”--Dorothy L. Otten, Los Angeles, CA

It’s as if they’ve grown up with the children in the video

My two sons (and a third on the way) would be thrilled to see more.  It’s as though they have grown up with the children in the video.”--Pascale Delhaye-Caplan, Hampstead, Quebec

Helped an awfully lot

It’s helped my autistic 4 ½ year old an awful lot!  Please send the rest of the series.”--Shelly Densley, La Mesa CA

She’s worn it out

My 3-year-old loves Preschool Power and she has worn it out! Please send a replacement.”--Lisa Tracy, Gaithersburg, MD

Really made progress

I have a four-year-old autistic child who has really made progress using Preschool Power 1 and 4.  Please send the others.”--Lori Douville, Rosebud, SD

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