Behavior Modeling

Using young children as teachers to model behavior is what Preschool Power is all about. Our programs are crammed with skill demonstrations, arts and crafts, science projects and more, all designed to encourage your child to try new things, learn new skills. This develops self-confidence better than any "I am Special" stickers!

3 1/2 year old Jimmy guards his little brother climbing the stairs Zach, 3, enjoying a good book Suzanne, 2 1/2, straightens up her room.

Will, 3 makes a heartful present K'idar 4 and Suzanne 3 cooperate Jelani and Blake cooperate using the crossed-hand carry

Here are some examples of the catchy songs modelling good attitudes and behaviors you'll find in Preschool Power:

  • When You Help Someone Smaller, It Makes You Feel Taller: A song about sharing with and helping to care for a younger sibling. This sequence is a huge favorite with a lot of parents who tell us that this song alone has basically solved the sibling rivalry problems they were having.
  • Cooperate, It's So Great – (Working together gets it done!) A song and video essay that features kids cooperating, sharing and having lots of fun doing it.
  • My Own Little Corner – A song about taking care of your room showing our little teachers picking up their stuff, making their beds and then enjoying the results.
  • He Needs Me, I Know it – A song that encourages kids to take some responsibility for pet care and gives parents ideas on how to let them do this safely and effectively.
  • When I and me are on our own (we're in good company) – a song that encourages kids to love books, nature and games they can make up themselves.
  • You Don't Need Lessons and Isn't It Sweet (when the dancing in your head comes out at your feet.) -- A 'dance number' with lyrics that encourages children to let go and follow their hearts and their natural creativity.
  • Art from the Heart – another beautiful song showing 3 year old Will crafting a present for his mother and which also encourages creativity
  • I'm Two, Can Do, It's My House, too – a song that showcases ways even littlest kids can pitch in and feel like they're helping around the house – a big confidence booster! A very sweet little song featuring 2-year-old Katja doing things like packing newspapers in the recycle bin, shucking corn, racking leaves, etc.