Art Activities

Katja, 3, arranges flowers.

We scoured the arts and crafts books, picked the brains of our Montessori experts and came up with a host of unusual and fun craft projects that are developmentally appropriate for your little one.

Children as young as two will enjoy activities like coffee filter flowers and making home-made clay. Older children will be fascinated with fan folding, making a pinata and more. All are easy and inexpensive to set up at home. And our little teachers will show you and your child exactly how!


Will, 3, makes a sand art Mother's Day present One of several scissor-using demos Erica, 5, shows how to make a piñata from start to finish

Some of the art activities shown in Preschool Power!

  • Making home-made clay and then creating several basic forms including a snake and a bow
  • Making a decorative colored sand jar including coloring the sand
  • Wrapping a present
  • Making a paper fan
  • Scissoring exercises followed by learning how to fold paper and cut out a star
  • Making a decorative bean jar
  • Creating a zen garden from things you have around the house
  • Coffee filter flowers
  • Mixing paint and using wet paper techniques
  • Making art using found objects around the house
  • Making a pinata and plenty more!